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A Discovery of Witches


Author: Deborah Harkness
Year: 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Plot :

"A Discovery of Witches is the 2011 historical fantasy and debut novel by American author Deborah Harkness. Primarily set at Oxford University, the story revolves around Diana Bishop, an alchemical professor who reluctantly embraces her fate as a witch when a long-lost manuscript resurfaces and summons hordes of monsters. Along the way, Diana falls in love with a dashing vampire named Matthew Clairmont. "

My opinion :

Hello nerds! I am back with another review!

This book was my first book by Deborah Harkness and I have to say, I loved it!
It kind of gives me that Twilight vibe but more adult and hot! More witchy and mystical.
We can feel the magic everywhere!
Matthew is such a cutie I just can't handle it! Such a gentleman, but at the same time a sweetheart.
Diana was pretty amazing too, I mean imagine you are a witch but you don't want to be one? Diana are you out of your mind? I would love to find out I was a real witch instead of dreaming that my Hogwarts letter is coming anytime...
The written was really good, and oh my gosh the house with a mind of her own??? AMAZING !!
It was an awesome idea to create that universe, it kind of gave me too some Sabrina adventures vibes because of Diana's aunts and the magical home.
Overall it was good, and I can not wait to read the second book!
Oh by the way, did you know that they made the tv series version? I watched just the first episode and dropped it because in my head Matthew is not that old looking, the beginning was not at all like in the book, they could've done better than that I think.
But people always talked about the show so I gave it another go and actually liked it more this time!
Of course it's not the same, the books are far better but still, it was not that bad!

Did you read it? Did you watch the tv series?
Tell me about it!

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